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Laugh and the Web laughs with you, cry and you cry alone

April 16, 2010

When blogs were first created, the call was to “Join the conversation!”  Robert Scoble and others said this often, and sincerely meant it.  And millions upon millions of people tried to do just that.  But it didn’t work.  As of two years ago, there were 200 million abandoned blogs on the Web.  Think about that.  Two hundred million people has something they wanted to say, but wound up being disappointed.  I think that’s quite sad.

Why doesn’t blogging work for most people? 

Here are the Top Ten Failures of Blogging that I see:

1)      There are little to no effective channels.  Most of the time, you are speaking to a brick wall.

2)      There is little to no control of exposure.  Everything you say is public for the whole world to see, forevermore.  You can’t say “This if for widows only” or “This is for Marine Moms only.”

3)      Anonymity of readers.  No self-censoring, no consequences. 

4)      Hateful people get off on being hateful, and they will take the time to harass for fun, while good people have other things to do than make comments on blogs.

5)      You don’t know who your readers are.  There are already about 100 people reading this blog, but I know who only a handful of you are.  I have no idea why you others are here, what sex or age you are, what occupation you have.  Nothing.  That can be disconcerting and can lead the blogger to make poor content decisions, because the #1 “Know your audience!” rule can’t be followed.

6)      Competition for attention leads to forced controversy between bloggers and other negative energy that soon grows tiresome.

7)      To grow an audience, you need to mostly stick to one subject, like being a “tech blogger” or a “mommy blogger” or “a social media expert.”

8)      Blogs are set up to be like soap boxes; they are not conducive to true conversation.

9)      Blogs require consistent upkeep; you need to make multiple posts every week to build and keep an audience.

10)  Readers must understand RSS, which is not mainstream friendly, or else go from blog to blog to blog to try to keep up.  Tiresome. 

Micro-blogging isn’t much better.  In fact, it brings new problems.

The Hive is different.  If you close your eyes, it’s hard (if not impossible) to imagine your place inside the blogosphere, but the Hive is easy to see in your mind.  You are at the center.  Always.  Relevant, protected, safe channels connect to you, and information almost effortlessly flows in TO you and out FROM you.

There is but one Hive.  But there are also infinite hives.  Your 3D “Biker Babe” hive will look different from your 3D “Nurse” hive.  And my “Mom” hive will look different from your “Mom” hive.

The Hive will buzz with true conversation and sharing.  Without the extraneous noise.  Without the SPAM.  And, most especially, without the trolls.  

So if you want to cry inside the Hive, you can feel free.  Somebody else will be there with you.


Yep, is a Mess

December 30, 2008



A month ago, I thought I’d get some videos up at in order to help explain what Swig is.  But I’ve wound up having to take a few of the videos down, including the initial three minute introduction that was most important.  An investor is too concerned that I’m “giving too much away.”

That, plus the fact that my web guy never actually finished putting the site together in the first place, and basically, is pretty much a disaster at this point.  J

I think I’ll just take that site down, maybe point people to this blog from there.  Once I have all the capital in hand and can get the development up and running, then we’ll have the real site there just three or four months later.  Perhaps that’s a tall order given the current economic conditions, but I still have faith in my vision and my business plan.  We’ll see what happens.

You can’t be afraid to crack some eggs if you want to make an omelet.  I’ll be a crazed perfectionist come launch time, but right now, other things are more vital than colors and fonts.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I’ll get the site taken care of soon.  Please just start coming directly to this blog.  I’ll share all I can here.  Thanks for being patient.

Merry Christmas, World!

December 24, 2008

This piece called “Waiting for the Miracle” is from one of my favorite artists, as is the current header on this blog.  He’s a Russian named Vlad Gerasimov.  You can see more of his work and purchase computer wall papers and clocks from his website.  I think they’re a lot of fun and encourage you to take a look.

Merry Christmas!  God bless us, every one!!


Time to Glow

December 3, 2008

Today’s the big day that I’m getting radioactive.  The hospital has a lead lined room with everything draped in plastic all ready for me.

It’s to treat my thyroid cancer.  No big deal, really, esp. compared to what I had to go through for breast cancer a couple of years ago.  I’m actually rather looking forward to it.  I’m going to treat my time in the hospital as a mini-vacation.  I’ve got a couple of good books (I haven’t sat and read a book since I can’t remember when!), my business magazines and my Christmas cards to fill out.

No visitors, no cell phone, no computer.  Ha!  It will be interesting to be completely off-grid for two whole days.  I’ll probably have more physical reaction to that than to the radioactive iodine! J

The only sad part is that I’ll be isolated at home during this holiday season.  I’ll remain radioactive till Dec. 24, and will have to maintain a six foot distance from people.  Can’t be around small children or pregnant women at all.  So there goes the Christmas shopping, the parties, even Masses.  But oh well, it’s probably a good thing.  They’ve kept me super hypothyroid for six weeks building me up for this (actually tearing me down for this!), and I’ve been gaining weight like crazy because of it.  So the last thing I need is eggnog and sugar cookies.

Still need two or three more gifts, though.  Perhaps I’ll take my friends up on their offer to walk ahead of me and clear my path at the stores by chanting, “Unclean! Unclean!”  LOL

See you on Friday!