Take this Ad and Shove it. Then Turn Advertising Distribution over to the Members

Louis Gray marked all Facebook ads he ran into as “offensive” then asked his readers to do the same.  As he and the rest of us know, Web advertising is intrusive and irrelevant.  So it’s also ineffective.  It helps nobody and irritates everyone.

A fundamental understanding needs to sink in before anything changes.  As I’ve pointed out before, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed…none of these are publishers.  They are the equivalent of a printing press, not a newspaper or a magazine.  Their members are the publishers and its publishers who rightfully control the advertising on their pages and get compensated for their run. 

Facebook and all other social networking sites aren’t going to get advertising right until they turn over ad distribution to their readers and compensate members for the use of their social graph.

Why should Mark Zuckerberg become a billionaire off the backs of you and your friends?

You’d think that after so much time, so much money thrown at the problem, and so many attempts, Facebook would be doing a better job with advertising.  They should start over with a new attitude.  Instead of “How can we make money off advertising?,” the correct question, the question that will actually produce good answers for all stake holders is: “How can we empower our members to make money off of advertising?”


3 Responses to “Take this Ad and Shove it. Then Turn Advertising Distribution over to the Members”

  1. Louis Gray Says:

    Nice summary, Dawn. Appreciate it. Something needs to change and as a user, I’d prefer not to be thought of as the target demographic for such nonsense.

  2. Dawn Douglass Says:

    Hi Louis. Yeah, Facebook should understand that these ads are like inviting people over for a “party” that turns out to be an Amway pitch.

    Ads should not be in social space. Nobody wants to feel like they have big red concentric circles on their back when they’re just trying to hang out and be friendly. That doesn’t mean that Facebook can’t use advertising, but they need to be smarter about it and create more appropriate space for it.

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