Anthropology is the New Technology

For the past 15 years, we’ve been riding a wave of technological marvels:  Internet connections, cell phones, iPods, DVRs,…. Out of all the things that get invented, the endless websites that get developed, the many devises that get launched, how do we know which will “stick” and which won’t?

Take a look at the product’s anthropology.

Technology is all about opening and closing circuits.  It’s about machines talking to machines.  Technology is the how-to of the gadget. 

Anthropology is the how-to of the user.  It’s about opening and closing imaginations.  It’s about humans talking to humans.  It’s about culture.  And people are much more complex than any circuit board.

Now that tech is no longer the nascent market it was just a decade ago, now that most technologies can’t be protected from competition and are, in fact, used over and over and over again…in other words, now that “technology” is a largely undifferentiated, indefensible given in Silicon Valley the same way cameras are a given in Hollywood, how does a “tech company” break out to become the next Google?

By dropping the haughty patent-pretending pretenses of “tech” and becoming just another company.  A real company.  Not a nifty tech feature with no revenue stream.

Sorry,  you can’t be a legitimate business without a business model .

So what can make or break a tech company if not technology?


Anthropology is the new technology.  It’s the new differentiator, the new “language,” if you will, that can be used to create exciting trends and gadgets and services.  In deed, anthropology is, for now, the surest weapon for sustainable competitive advantage that we have.

If you don’t understand anthropology and how to code it, then you’d better find somebody who does.



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3 Responses to “Anthropology is the New Technology”

  1. Abhishek Says:

    So very true! Investigations into human behavior, culture and needs hold the keys to making or breaking businesses.
    Cutting-edge technology is not enough. Look at so many start-ups that bite the dust – they have wonderful technology, but sometimes they just forget about the users.
    Organizations which embrace the anthropological approach definitely create a long term competitive advantage over their competitors.

  2. Dawn Douglass Says:

    Thanks, Abhishek! I appreciate your response.

  3. Anthropology is the New Technology Says:

    […] este articulo Anthropology is the New Technology « Dawn’s Plan la antropología es la “nueva tecnología”, las opciones tecnológicas actuales ya no […]

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