Dawn’s Plan: A Success Story


A few years back, I was editing several cartoonists who were creating comic strips for my own online syndicate called Full Tilt Features, as well as for any other places they wished to put them.  IOW, I never asked for exclusive rights, and many of the cartoonists had their own websites, sold the gags to magazines, submitted the strips for newspaper syndication, and so on.

We had a private forum where we could exchange information, support each other, and just socialize.  One of my cartoonists was a newly retired art teacher named Joe Schmidt.  You might call Joe a character himself.  He loves to talk, and I could always count on Joe for long, joke-laden notes to liven up the forum.

In reading Joe’s posts, it became apparent to me that next to cartooning, RVing was Joe’s passion.  So I suggested that he create a comic strip about RVing.  He did.  Now that comic strip runs regularly in an RV magazine.  He’s also been able to spin it off into other paid workAnd the big news is that he was given this month’s cover!:



Doesn’t it look great?  Covers don’t happen very often for cartoonists anymore, so it’s a big deal in cartoon circles when somebody lands one.

I’m proud of Joe’s accomplishment, and am gratified by my own tiny contribution to it.

My point of all this is to remind you that success is a lot more likely to come when you incorporate your passions into whatever it is you’re doing.  “Where your heart is, there shall your treasure be.”

This is an important tenet behind my plan to help the economy.  Which do you think would provide more economic growth and more stability over time: great numbers of people working jobs they don’t like, or the same number of people earning a living doing what they love to do?

I would rather be served a peanut butter sandwich by a person who is passionate about peanut butter than an entire steak dinner by somebody who doesn’t like to cook.

As his editor, I can tell you that Joe increased the quality of his strip substantially when he made the change to an RVing theme.  Now, that strip is providing for his material good and also providing pleasure to an audience.

That’s what Swig is all about.  Remember!  SW: Share the Wealth.  IG: Increase the Good.  😉


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