Time to Glow

Today’s the big day that I’m getting radioactive.  The hospital has a lead lined room with everything draped in plastic all ready for me.

It’s to treat my thyroid cancer.  No big deal, really, esp. compared to what I had to go through for breast cancer a couple of years ago.  I’m actually rather looking forward to it.  I’m going to treat my time in the hospital as a mini-vacation.  I’ve got a couple of good books (I haven’t sat and read a book since I can’t remember when!), my business magazines and my Christmas cards to fill out.

No visitors, no cell phone, no computer.  Ha!  It will be interesting to be completely off-grid for two whole days.  I’ll probably have more physical reaction to that than to the radioactive iodine! J

The only sad part is that I’ll be isolated at home during this holiday season.  I’ll remain radioactive till Dec. 24, and will have to maintain a six foot distance from people.  Can’t be around small children or pregnant women at all.  So there goes the Christmas shopping, the parties, even Masses.  But oh well, it’s probably a good thing.  They’ve kept me super hypothyroid for six weeks building me up for this (actually tearing me down for this!), and I’ve been gaining weight like crazy because of it.  So the last thing I need is eggnog and sugar cookies.

Still need two or three more gifts, though.  Perhaps I’ll take my friends up on their offer to walk ahead of me and clear my path at the stores by chanting, “Unclean! Unclean!”  LOL

See you on Friday!


3 Responses to “Time to Glow”

  1. Chris (CJ) Says:

    Dawn, you’re the strongest, brightest, most caring and most gifted person I know. You’re my hero. Hang in there! CJ

  2. Marla A Says:

    Dear Dawn: DEARHEART—I bumped into your site thru my “Orphan-Works” connecection- but have connected with you on many other levels–MY DEAR– make no mistake about it—-you are ALREADY GLOWING…..May you continue to keep your spirits in great and bright shape and know that your strength and obvious desire to be a continuous contribution to your fellow humans and artists in particular is what is creating your survival from this particular round with cancer–
    You are amazing–and an inspiration– My cousin Caryn is going thru her particular path with this, is with CTCA and is being a gentle warrior as you are–she has a “CarePage”….If you are interested, I could connect you with her–In any event- many, many blessings to you,and I wih you amazing peace of body,mind and spirit. NAMASTE. Marla

  3. Dawn Douglass Says:

    Hi Chris, good to see you here. Thank you for the comment. I’m blushing. You’re too kind.

    I’m sorry, Marla, do I know you? You said we have connected on many other levels. Does that mean in the past (perhaps on my old blog or my old comic strip?), or do you mean you’re connecting to the different ideas I’ve shared here? Either way, I’m very flattered and touched by your note. Thank you for your generous words.

    And, sure, I’d be honored to talk to Caryn, or to send her my support. I’ve had so many people send me their good thoughts and prayers these past few years, I’m always pleased to be able to repay some of that by passing them on.

    Thanks for taking the time to write! Dawn

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