Save the Economy Video – Introducing Social Object Advertising


Does trickle down economics work?  Certainly not these last several years when a great percentage of the money that’s been invested at the top isn’t money at all, but pretend money in the form of complicated, illusionary credit schemes.  Consequently, it’s been easy credit that has flowed downward.   This has resulted in an absolute disaster because it’s transferred investment risk and debt responsibility from frontline investors and from bottom line debtors to this nebulous “somebody else.”  That somebody else has turned out to be the American tax payer and investors in foreign lands who used to believe in our financial instruments.

Now the entire world’s economy is washing away and collapsing like a sandcastle on the beach.  What’s more, from top to bottom, we’ve got these incessantly growing gimmee-gimmee government bailout demands that threaten to choke out the companies and individuals who are still bearing fruit.  No wonder everybody is angry!  And frightened.

Seems to me, the first thing we need to do is to go backwards to the basic tenet of capitalism, that “It takes money to make money.”  Money!  Hard cash.  Not these bubble-blowing fictitious-money credit schemes, ala Donald Trump, et al.  This will immediately inject accountability back into the system.  That’s where the U.S. government can take the lead, by establishing common sense regulations.

The second thing we need to do is to move forward by injecting fairness and human-to-human economic connection.  By doing so, we can create a platform for growth – a reconstruction of trust, transaction and stability from the bottom up!  That’s a private sector role and that’s where my plan comes in.  Swig is going to change the rule above to: “It takes investment to make money,” so that investment doesn’t mean just money, but can also include investment of time, talent, skills and passion.

How are we going to do this?  Watch my video and find out!


Once Swig is up and running, you can help make sure that those individuals and companies who are most deserving will survive this recession and also help to ensure that this catastrophe doesn’t turn into a decade-long depression.  We’ll be helping ourselves as we help each other!  And have fun while we’re doing it, too!

I can’t wait to get started!  Please join me!!  Tell your friends and family members about Swig and PLEASE sign up for our launch notifications.  The number of you who sign up is the one tangible thing I can point to, to help me secure the funds I need to get us underway.  So please go to now and sign up under “details here” in the bottom right corner of the page.  The first 10,000 of you who do so will get a special offer.  Go check it out NOW!  J Thank you very much!



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