First Post! Introduction to Swig: the Social Market


After about 15 years of widespread usage, it’s easy to think that the Internet is largely developed and set in its ways, especially by you who are under age 30.  That’s why today, the Monday after the United States celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday passed down from our founding families, I think it’s worth pointing out that we, the World Wide Web community, are in fact a pilgrim people.  The vast majority of the Internet’s unparalleled commercial power and potential is left unexplored and uncultivated. 

If ever there were a need for each one of us to start tilling the Internet’s fertile commercial soil, that need is now, as our old stomping grounds are crumbing to dust beneath our feet. 

My plan is to provide you the technical tools and cultural environment you need to do just that.  We’re going to put anthropology hand-in-hand with technology so that, for the first time, everybody will be welcome to the Internet’s table of plenty come next harvest.  No matter what your talents are.  No matter if you aren’t a geek.  Even if you don’t live in a developed nation.

While we are thankful to technologists for bringing us to this vast largely-unsettled place called the Internet, technology should not – must not! – be made its permanent master.  We are all stewards of the Internet.  And we pilgrims still have a long way to go.  So let’s link hands socially but also economically, remembering that no social network is a true social network unless it includes opportunity to produce economic good for its members, as it’s been for 200,000 years.

I hope you’ll watch this introductory video to my plan, my business plan for a company called Swig that is a private sector, Internet-based, “bottom up” solution to many of the challenges we’re facing.  More detailed videos can be found on my website at


Welcome!  I hope you’ll work with me to get Swig going, or at least stick around to monitor our progress.  Should be interesting to see if we survive our first harsh winter.  😉 Thanks for being here.



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